1.We has covered successfully implemented for Mechanical , Chemical & NDT.
2. Below are the tested materials & verified all reports of the same with respective of all tests.

AAC Block tests
Admixture test
Admixture tests
Agreegate - Chemical
Aluminium - Chemical
Aluminium Test- Physical
Benkelman Beam for Flexible Pavement
Bituminous Mixes
Bricks-Brunt Clay
Bricks-Fly ash CA- Bituminous work
Cement - Chemical test
Cement -Physical Test (All)
Cement -Physical Tests
Ceramic Tile Test
Chemical : Steel CLC Blocks
Coarse aggregate
Concrete beam
Concrete Cube
Concrete Cube-Accelerated
Concrete mix design Accelerated with Pumpable
Concrete mix design -Conventional
Concrete mix design-Accelerated
HSD Bar 10 mm : Physical Tests
HSD Bar 12 mm : Physical Tests
HSD Bar 16 mm: Physical Tests
HSD Bar 20 mm: Physical Tests
HSD Bar 25 mm: Physical Tests
HSD Bar 28 mm: Physical Tests
HSD Bar 32 mm: Physical Tests
HSD Bar 36 mm : Physical Tests
HSD Bar 40 mm : Physical Tests
HSD Bar 8 mm : Physical Tests
HSD steel Bar 6 mm
JMF- Non Bituminous work
Kerb Stone
Load test Manhole Cover
Load test on hume pipe
Load test on slab
Mastic asphalt
Mild Steel Bar - 5 mm: Physical Tests
Mild Steel Bar - 6 mm : Physical Tests
Mild Steel Bar Physical Tests
Mix Design -Fly ash Bricks
Mix Design-Pavement block
Mortar Cube -Compressive stregth
Mortar Mix Design-Brickwork
Mortar Mix Design-Plaster
Mosaic/Chequered Tiles
Concrete mix design-Conventional
Concrete mix design-Pumpable
Concrete mix design-Self Compacting
Concrete Mix -Trials
Core test-Concrete
Coupler Bar- Physical test (16- 25 mm dia)
Coupler Bar- Physical test (for 32 mm & above dia)
Coupler Bar- Physical test (upto 12 mm dia)
Door Shutter Test
Emulsion Test/
ERT Test
FDT -Core Cutter Method
FDT-Sand Replacement Method
Field CBR
Fine Agg-Crushed Sand
Fine Agg-River Sand
Fly ash-Chemical test
Fly ash-physical test
Geo : Soil test
Geotechnical - Rock Core testing
Geo-technical Investigation
Geotechnical Investigation within MIDC area
Geotechnical Investigation -Within PMC,PCMC Area
Geotechnical Investigation -Within PMC/PCMC Area
Gypsum / POP test -Physical test
Natural Building Stone
Natural Building Stone.
NDT -Structural Members
Pavement Block
Pile Integrity Test -PIT
Plate load test
Plywood Test
Rock test
Soil - Chemical
Soil - K Value
Solid blocks
Stainless Steel test
Steel Chemical Test
Steel- Chemical Test
Structural Steel - Chemical
Structural steel- Chemical
Structural Steel-Physical Test
Tile -Chemical Test
Water - Construction
Water - Construction purpose.
Water - Drinking
Water - Drinkinig
Water testing
Wood Test

3. About Modules

1. Masters – Includes (Parameter, Test Masters, Material Master, ACCREDITATION Scope, Master Equipment, Test Master & Their Details, Customers, Route Management, Pricing , respective all IS tables, etc )

2. Pre-sales Includes(Inquiry Management, Group wise Quotation, Print old Quotations, Quotation revisions, Standard Quotation of all materials & their tests, etc.)

3. Testing – Includes(Create New Job, Material Inwards, Sampling , Sample Coding , Test requisition and printing, Recording of test results, report approvals, Test Report printing item wise as well as job wise, scan & store facility before issuance of any report, etc.)

5. Accounts – Includes job wise invoicing facility, 100 % assurance of billing of every instrument, receipt collection against any invoice as bank , cash and TDS also, Dynamic Taxation facility (user also can add any new tax), Expenses booking system for any fixed and variable expenses , etc.)

6. MIS Reports – Includes Master Due Report, Job Register, Sales, Collection, Outstanding, Calibration done Report, Calibration Due Report, Profit & Loss report, Customer Master database,

7. Administration – Includes User Creation, Authority distribution, your company profile, database backup facility also available